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The advantages of using OSH Trainers resources are: professionalism, integrity, reliability, consistency; the immediate attention to training and consulting, provision of value-added services and the elimination of non-productive time.


Best in-class Training

Our training programs are customizable to meet the needs of organizations. They can be designed for both short and long-term durations, making them suitable for a range of requirements.

Integration Partnerships

A name you can trust

We are a well-respected company in Malaysia that provides exceptional health and safety training and consultancy services.

Known for delivering top-notch services, we have earned a positive reputation for assisting companies in enhancing their safety culture and minimizing the likelihood of accidents and incidents.


Client Relationship Management

Building and maintaining relationships with clients, understanding their business goals and needs, and providing strategic consulting to help them achieve their goals.

Project Management

Leading and managing projects from start to finish, including setting project objectives, developing project plans, and ensuring that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Business Analysis

Conducting research and analysis to understand a client's business, market, and competition, and providing recommendations to help them improve their operations.

Strategic Planning

Developing and implementing strategies to help clients grow their business, increase efficiency, and achieve their goals.

Financial Analysis

Analyzing a client's financial data to help them make informed business decisions, and providing advice on financial management, budgeting, and cost control.

Talent Management

Helping clients attract, retain, and develop top talent, and providing advice on issues related to human resources, compensation, and benefits.

Risk Management

Assessing and managing risk for clients, and providing advice on risk mitigation strategies.


Providing guidance and support to junior consultants, and helping them develop their skills and expertise.

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